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18 Beachwood Buzz
July 2016
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social anxiety and learn to hinder
depression because this small
school system cares enough to
help you. Thank you, Beachwood.
In Beachwood, you can go
to the guidance office with the
counselor that you adore and
write your script for your future
and the steps that are required
to reach your goals. Because
your counselor knows you and
your strengths and weaknesses
and cares enough to work side-
by-side with you to make your
dreams come true; they share in
the elation of your accomplish-
ments. Thank you, Beachwood.
None of those previously men-
tioned movies will ever compare
to my experience at Beachwood
High School. Yes, The Breakfast
Club is an amazing movie. Yes,
I know all the words to all the
songs in High School Musical.
But the thing about these films
is that you only see the princi-
pal once, or he's a completely
terrible person. Here at Beach-
wood, you can bet that you'll see
the not-so-evil Dr. Klein and Mr.
Patti, and while they're not out
saving the whole city with the
Avengers, they are a reassuring
presence within the halls. You
can have compelling conversa-
tions with your teachers. You can
walk through the halls and know
that most if not all the people
around you know who you are.
You're not just an extra. You are
a main character. A character
worth development, and I'm sure
we've all developed as amazingly
complex characters throughout
our experience at Beachwood.
We can aim for the stars not
because we're singing and
dancing basketball players, and
not because we sat in Saturday
detention and got motivated to
aim high by Emilio Estevez and
Molly Ringwald, but because we
went to Beachwood.
In closing, I want to let you all
in on a little behind-the-scenes
feature of my life. You see, this
was supposed to be my second
graduation ceremony. My first was
scheduled for December 1, 2015,
in the not-so-grand surrounding
of the Hospice of the Western Re-
serve. My mother was at the end
of an epic, courageous, inspiring
ten-year battle with cancer. The
school's leadership had prepared a
full ceremony to enable my mom
to see me graduate from Beach-
wood High School. Dr. Hardis,
Mr. Luxenberg and Mr. Zawatsky
had cleared their schedules, and
several of my past teachers were
slated to attend. If you know any-
thing about my family, you know
that this turned into a reason to
celebrate. There was music, food
and joy in the plan.
My mom died at 9 pm the
night before. Like some of my
earlier realizations, it came to me
later that my mom just wanted to
be here today, and, I promise you,
she is. Thank you, Beachwood.
Each of us has our own story
arcs, our own plots and our own
experiences that we have lived.
Every day, we wake up and we're
called to set, not knowing what's
to come. Every day, we face a
new genre, and, when the day
starts, we don't know if it's a
comedy, a tragedy, a drama or
a Disney movie. There are plot
twists every day, and who knows
if they will be good or bad. But
we did it. Remember, Beach-
wood High School class of 2016,
we made it through this experi-
ence together, and I'm positive
we'll all excel individually as
our lives move forward. Now,
there's not a star in heaven that
we can't reach. Make your life as
memorable as The Godfather.
As long-lasting as Star Wars, and
as loving and Oscar-winning
as Titanic. Thank you so much,
Beachwood. Someday, I'll see
you in the movies, too.