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July 2016
Beachwood Buzz
Common Muscle and
Sports Injuries
Musculoskeletal symptoms such as pain and soreness, cramps
and spasms, stiffness, weakness and swelling are the number two
reason for visits to the doctor with back or knee injuries being the
most common complaint. Exercise and playing sports are good,
healthy activities but, sometimes, accidents happen and injuries
occur. Poor training practices, improper warm-up techniques and
the lack of appropriate gear are the most common culprits leading
to injury.
Join your neighborhood experts on the second Wednesday of
each month for these health-minded talks, which are held at 8 UH
locations. The topic of the next Health Matters talk on July 13 is
"Common Muscle & Sports Injuries." Learn ways to prevent muscle
injuries and, if they do occur, know the best way to hasten recov-
ery, minimize pain and, hopefully, avoid a trip to the urgent care or
emergency room.
UH Ahuja Medical Center
Michael Salata, MD
UH Bedford Medical Center*
Maggie Grassell, PT
UH Elyria Medical Center
Daniel Zanotti, DO and
Tom LaMotte, RN
UH Geauga Medical Center
Martin Leland, MD
UH Geneva Medical Center
Eva Evans, PT, DPT, MPT
UH Parma Medical Center
Jared Levin, MD
UH Portage Medical Center
Ryan Tessean, PT
UH Richmond Medical Center*
Robert Corn, MD
*Campuses of UH Regional
There is no charge to attend
Health Matters events, but
space is limited and reserva-
tions are required. To register,
call 216.767.8435 Monday
through Friday between 9 am
and 5 pm or go to UHhospitals.
Coming up on August 10
is "Benefits of Farm-to-Table
& Sustainable Foods." Farm-
to-table has become a pop-
ular national movement that
encourages people to minimize
the distance their food travels
before it's eaten by buying food
directly from growers. Utilizing
locally grown produce helps
stimulate job creation by circu-
lating more capital throughout
the neighboring community. An
added benefit to eating sustain-
ably is that sustainably-raised
food simply tastes better!
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The Beachwood Chamber of Commerce's B2B Show
will take place September 14 at Embassy Suites Beachwood.
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