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46 Beachwood Buzz
July 2016
Dog-Day Afternoon in Beachwood
By Arlene Fine
Is Beachwood going to the dogs? You bet. This eastern suburb
does not come by its ruff reputation for nothing.
"Beachwood is a great city to raise kids and dogs," enthuses An-
nesley Road resident Bob Finkenthal. "Being able to walk our dogs
in the neighborhood has given my family a new leash on life."
The verdant Beachwood Park on Shaker Blvd. is a favorite spot
to see the passing parade of pedigrees, mixed breeds and mutts
and that's just the owners. "The Park is a great place to meet other
dogs my favorite neighborhood dog is a feisty bloodhound
named Virginia Woof," says South Woodland resident Phil Fine. "I'm
still waiting to meet Bark Obama, Anderson Pooper and C3 Pee-O."
Even the Beachwood Police Department is very canine friendly.
Believe it or not, in the city's entire history not one officer has ticketed
a postpartum mama dog for littering. And that's the doggone truth.
Pictured clockwise, from top right: Langsdon Gaines with
Mandela, Joann Eisenberg holding Sammy with Maya at her
heels, Phil Fine with Jade, Bob Finkenthal with Buster and Lily,
Barbara Fields with Julie and Jessie, and Barry Hersch with
Cassie and Journey.
Mandel JCC
Sept. 8-18/
Special 10 Year
Celebration Event:
August 24,
Peter B. Lewis Theatre,
Cleveland Institute of Art
More than 25
dramas, docu-
mentaries, and
short films will
again make their way to the
big screen as Cleveland Jew-
ish FilmFest returns to Cleve-
land. This year's season kicks
off with a special celebratory
event on August 24 at Cleve-
land Institute of Art highlight-
ing the film In Search of Israeli
Cuisine, featuring James Beard
Award winner Michael Solo-
monov from Zahav restaurant
in Philadelphia. The feature
full-length documentary puts
a face on the culture of Israel,
profiling chefs, home cooks,
vintners, and cheese-makers
drawn from the more than
100 cultures that make up
Israel today Jewish, Arab,
Muslim, Christian, Druze. En-
joy Israeli food tasting at this
special event.
The festival schedule will
be announced this month,
and tickets will be on sale in
August. For more information
on the 10-year celebration
and 2016 festival, visit www.