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Visit At Cleveland Yoga, we one who has a serious illness should be alone, afraid or invite you to show up just in pain, Hospice of the Western Reserve also provides as you are! We are excited complementary services to enhance the health and to announce our New well-being of the entire community. Student Offer, 30 Days of Unlimited Yoga for $40. Roll out your mat with us, dig Ohio Laser Contouring deep, sweat a lot, love it and feel like you are at home Ohio Laser Contouring is again! now open in Beachwood. Featuring non-invasive body fat reduction with guarEcho Hearing anteed results on your first visit. Call 844.848.5756 Echo Hearing gives you the now and receive two treatments for the price of one. unique combination of “the Offer expires November 30, 2014. personal touch”and many years of professional experience you won’t find anywhere else. Since everybody’s hearing loss is different, our au- Choose think you call of most experienced all out of Reserve. As Northern Ohio’s choice. 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Visit us at, email, or call 440.552.6540. Gift Cards : Massage : Private Yoga : Workshops : Boutique : 100+ Classes Weekly c l e v e l a n d y o g a . c o m Knitting Opportunities W omen4Women Knitting4Peace will hold its next meetings on Fridays, November 7 and December 5, at the Beachwood Library from 10 – 11:30 a.m. Yarn and patterns will be provided. The organization is in need of mittens, socks, baby blankets, adult caps and shawls, as well as pocket peace pals with medium-to-dark faces. Join the group to knit, chat and meet new friends. For more information, email Iris November at 38 Beachwood Buzz n November 2014 { University Suburban Health Center University Suburban Health Center is a comprehensive outpatient medical center affiliated with University Hospitals Case Medical Center that’s located just minutes from Beachwood. Call 216.382.9492 to choose a board-certified physician and ask about our low-cost lab tests, Wright Surgery Center, and imaging exams such as CT, MRI and X-rays. No facility fees for office visits, lab tests or imaging exams. Visit us at www. For complete information about these listings, see ads on pages 36-37. Beachwood Men’s Softball League P layers and fans recently helped the Beachwood Men’s Softball League end its season with a home run! In the 2nd annual “Legends” game, 41 players over the age of 60 participated, most of them sporting various ace bandages and other supportive devices. Congratulations to the Adelman Army in defeating the Nathan Navy, 7-6, in a comeback victory in the last inning, led by consecutive hits by Larry Adelman, Marty Emerman, David Marcus and Jim Heller. Players from Florida even came in for the game and the camaraderie among all the players and fans was overwhelming. And since no game is complete without cheerleaders, Joanne Adelman led a team of nine, equipped with pompons. Staci Vincent, former Northwestern University flag corps leader, joined the team and entertained the crowd with her flag twirling. In the All-Star Game, the “Odd Team” defeated the “Even Team,” 14-8. Home runs by Todd Adelman, Dan Solomon, Roger Nudelman, and a perfect 4-for-4 day by Freddy Gross led the winners in a game that featured an array of outstanding players on both sides. A large gallery of spectators witnessed both games at the Fairmount Elementary School field. Pictured: Legends game players and cheerleaders.