Doors of Beachwood Beachwood Historical Photo Competition Society Exhibit Doors of Jerusalem? Doors of Ireland? Why Not Doors of Beachwood? The Beachwood Library and the Beachwood Historical Society announce the Doors of Beachwood Photo Competition to celebrate the City of Beachwood’s 100th birthday in 2015. This juried exhibition will take place at the Beachwood Library and will carry the message of opening doors to our communtiy. Amateur and professional photographers are invited to submit heir JPG images. Experimental and mixed techniques are welcome. Take a picture of your favorite front door and doorway area, provided it is located within the City of Beachwood. No more than three images per household may be submitted. Prizes will be awarded and it’s free to enter. All entries must be submitted electronically to doorsofbeachwood@ by December 1, 2014. Instruction of how prints are to be prepared for the exhibit will be sent in mid-February. All subject matter must be appropriate for public viewing at the September 2015 show. T he Beachwood Historical Society invites you to stop by City Hall to see its newest exhibit that highlights the Beachwood Police Department. Come see the original jail-cell door, badges from the very first police chief, a rifle-range target, original handcuffs used in the 1920s and more. Special thanks to the Beachwood Police Department, Police Chief Keith Winebrenner, Joel Edelstein, Karen Carmen and Les Giesler for helping to create this display. Here are some tidbits – That was then, this is now: n 1925 –First Police Chief was Herbert Giesler n 2014 – Police Chief is Keith A. Winebrenner n 1954 – Five men comprised 100% of the Beachwood Police Department n 2014 – Forty-four sworn in men and women comprise the Beachwood Police Department n Police cars were also used as ambulances n Today’s police cars are equipped with technology Where Did the Term COP Originate? The term COP originated with the London police force back in the 1800s. Police officers or constables would walk their beat all day or night and return to their station at the end of their shift. Before going off duty, the officer would sign a log book or ledger. After their name, the abbreviation “COP, standing for Constable on Patrol, would be written. Call Smylie One today to schedule your Heating Tune-up It’s time for your Heating “Tune-Up” to make sure it’s in tip-top shape Now only $ Valid through 12-31-14 Free Estimates • Financing Available 79 95 Reg. $ 9995 OH LIC #18265 Residential • Commercial Licensed • Bonded • Insured Let Smylie One’s three generations of service expertise take care of your heating needs before the fall temperatures drop. 440.449.HEAT(4328) Schedule your appointment today! Heating Cooling Plumbing Electrical The Smylie One Comfort Team Gary Rosen, Steven Smylie, Rick Coates Winner of the Bryant Heating & Cooling Medal of Excellence Smylie One Free Estimates on New Installations November 2014 n Beachwood Buzz 39