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July 2016
Beachwood Buzz
look at the many steps involved
in creating a customized wig.
One compelling aspect to the
film is its message of strength
and empowerment. Jackson,
who was 13 years old when the
movie was shot, often appears
without a wig and without any
trace of shame. The film captures
great support from family mem-
bers and how she lives a normal
life, despite once getting into
an argument with a boy about
whether she was a girl.
"She's one of the bravest peo-
ple I know," Alvarez says.
Most of Alvarez's role models
are females who demonstrate
strength, too, and they also are
successful directors, including
Kathryn Bigelow, Reed Morano
and Lena Dunham.
"I want to work with strong
women, and I want to tell stories
about strong women," she
comments. Some of her favorite
films feature women in non-sexist
roles," such as Wild, Gone Girl, Dia-
ry of a Teenage Girl and Super 8.
As something close
to a mantra, Alvarez
particularly admires a
quote from director
Steven Spielberg: "I don't
dream at night, I dream all
day. I dream for a living."
As something close to a
mantra, Alvarez particularly
admires a quote from director
Steven Spielberg: "I don't dream
at night, I dream all day. I dream
for a living." She says this applies
directly to her. She moves
through the world seeing great
shots or wanting to create them.
But her most immediate dream
is for her film to be seen by wide
and diverse audiences.
A Tribute to
Beachwood Businesses
From Ellen Rudolf, Executive Director, the Maltz Museum of Jewish Heritage
How does the Maltz Museum of Jewish Heritage connect with larger audiences?
A: We take our "diversity and tolerance" mission to heart. The Museum's thought-
provoking public programs and exhibitions bring history to life and relate it to
today. A cultural hub, we connect communities and provide opportunities for
visitors to discover insights into their own lives through the experiences of others.
From Lori Christian at Chagrin Chiropractic and Wellness
Why does my neck hurt after texting for awhile?
A: In a perfect world we would all sit straight and line up our ears over our shoul-
ders and our hips. Computers, cell phones and the "guy slouch" make your head
shift forward, causing muscles to tense up and hurt. Chiropractic care helps to
keep your posture aligned which makes you feel great!
Aches and pains not
going away?
Want to find out why?
Lori Christian,
D.C., C.C.S.P.
Chiropractic Physician
Sports Injury Specialist
Did you know Dr. Lori Christian
is a chiropractic sports
injury specialist?
For a
to discuss how to prevent injury
or treat the one you have acquired,
please call 216-595-9999
3355 Richmond Road, Suite 120
Beachwood , OH 44122
Questions and Answers from the Pros:
From Toni Sober at State Farm Insurance
It's 2 am and a pipe burst! What should I do?
A: My clients can call my number 24/7 to file a claim; I will receive an email letting
me know. If the situation is not dire and you simply need information, leave a
voicemail or email me, and I will call or email you as soon as possible even in
the evening or on weekends and holidays.
From Suburban Temple Kol Ami
On your Jewish Journey, why join Suburban Temple Kol Ami?
A: Suburban Temple Kol Ami is a passionate Reform Jewish congregation with
award-winning educational programming focused on inclusion. Join because
of Open Doors, a new philanthropy based membership model; Shabbat Under
the Stars; Kolot Kol Ami Choir; Pints on Purim; active auxiliaries and much, much
more. Check us out at or come visit.
From Jeff Soklof at Emmco Realty Group
How do successful business owners make time to find office space?
A: A commercial real estate broker can help a busy business owner or manager
streamline the search for commercial real estate. By providing market data,
analyzing alternatives and negotiating on behalf of the client, brokers free
owners of growing businesses to focus on what they do best run their businesses.
From Ellen S. Mandell, Esq.
Can I reduce the level of conflict in my divorce?
A: If you and your spouse can reach agreement on dividing assets and debts, financial
support, and parenting, conflict is greatly reduced. Reaching agreements can be ac-
complished through mediation and/or collaborative processes in which all pertinent
information is shared and the parties are assisted in coming to an equitable solution.